Outrage: Toshiba’s Service

Whenever some gadget or appliance at your home gets malfunctioned, how much time does it take for the technicians to reach your home and do their job? You would say 2 days, or 4 days. But rarely ever a week. The TV in my house that we bought nearly six months ago went into a non-working state about a month ago.

This TV is made by Toshiba and they boast about it as being one of its so-called “Cricket series” line-up. That is to say, it is especially made to watch the ever popular sport of cricket (and India is a huge market to sell cricket-specific gadgets, isn’t it?). But I ask, it is just a TV with a normal LED panel and the same 1080p FHD resolution, how will that enhance my cricket watching experience?

But I digress. I said that my TV malfunctioned about a month ago and the technicians haven’t reached our home yet. It is not like that I live in a very remote area where accessibility is an issue. My exact apartment building can be found in Google Maps. My dad has spent a lot of his phone bill on just calling the service centre every day but their response is always the same, “Haan kal pakka aa jayega” (“Yes, they will come tomorrow, for sure”). On one such call, they admitted that they were facing a lot of internal problems in the company and hundreds of requests for service were pending. After that one call, all successive calls were answered the same as before.

I’m writing this because I (and my family) are so fed up of Toshiba that we’ve planned never to buy any Toshiba TV ever and tell others not to buy one. Not because it doesn’t work great (I would say that the LED panel is just meh, not the best at all) but because if it once gets damaged or anything, you are very unlikely to get a repair. Now even if it gets repaired, we don’t want to face the same situation again if anything happens. So now, we are going to ask for a refund and just go and buy another TV.

Do you have a Toshiba TV? If yes, how is your experience till now? If no, what is your opinion of the company?


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