Goalkeepers Are Underrated

“Everyone starts their football carrier from the GK position”, said one of my friends when I told him that I liked doing goalkeeping rather than playing any other position. But don’t you think, they are underrating the value of a goalkeeper?

A GK is as important in a team as the other players. You can’t simply defend your side with just a bunch of defenders. And if everybody starts out as a GK, and then go on to become a forward or a midfielder (which is what Iā€™ve seen all of my football playing friends do), there won’t be any top class keepers left, don’t you think? Where would be the likes of Manuel Neuer and Iker Casillas?. Can you imagine them playing forward? They are known to be some of the best keepers of all time. They didn’t go on to play ahead.

The perspective everybody hold here is that you are a noob if you play a GK. You’ll be told to play GK for either of the two reasons here, first, you are a noob (as I said earlier) or, second, you are fat. It’s that simple. If everyone thinks like that, there would be no GKs left. They let the fat person play GK just because he isn’t left out of the game.

When I see kids playing street football, I’ve always observed that they keep the goal post just two arms wide and play without a goalkeeper. Why, you ask? Because GKs are useless… šŸ™„

sigh šŸ˜Ŗ


2 thoughts on “Goalkeepers Are Underrated

  1. True story. GKs are not just supposed to block a goal, they also have to continuously monitor the position of each attacking player so that the position is just right to block a potential goal shot just at the right time.

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