If there is one thing an artificial intelligence (AI) doesn’t get, it’s sarcasm. I can understand that it’s very hard trying to make a computer understand our sarcasm. But when that happens, it would be fun to have a chat with whatever AI you have at hand.

By “at hand”, I mean literally on your hand. Most All of us use smartphones and they have some or the other ‘assistant’ in them. Microsoft has Cortana, Android has Google Assistant and iOS has Siri. Earlier, I used to use Cortana on my phone. But she wasn’t much of a help. I could perform an action faster than I could dictate it to her. 50% of the time she used to get it wrong and I had to re-dictate. Then I moved on to just using Cortana to having casual chats which quickly became boring. She couldn’t understand my sarcasm and whenever I asked for a joke, it would be a lame pun joke. Eventually, I disabled Cortana and haven’t used any assistant since.

I will wait until AI becomes something like Jarvis from the Iron Man series or maybe GLaDOS from the video game Portal. Maybe I’m expecting too much. πŸ˜…


One thought on “AI

  1. But again, there is this question that do you really want them to be so intelligent? I mean look at all the evil things GLaDOS did πŸ˜›

    Jokes aside, I do hope we’ll get to experience something of the sort in our lifetime! πŸ™‚

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