And to all a good …

A techie’s Christmas!


‘Twas the Thursday before Christmas

when all through the town,

not a hashtag was tweeting, even Twitter was down.

The stockings were hung in a retina display

in hopes that no drones would take them away.

The children were nestled, all snug and secure,

while Big Data mined their free FICO score.


The USB ports were all fully employed

as we began charging our Motorola Droid.

Our nice new Apple watch had a vast cache,

which would’ve been fine, but we had to pay cash.

Our Fitbit was running and Netflix were streaming,

young children everywhere were pleasantly dreaming

of toys and gifts that would become a new meme,

of toys and gifts that’d be the crème de la cream.


We Kickstarted and crowdsourced and sent out some vines,

We checked YouTube channels for any new signs.

We ran Kaspersky and cleaned the plasma screen,

we dialed up…

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