John has three apples; he gives two to his friend. Calculate the volume of the sun.

Baffled? That’s how unrelated our vivas can be. They can ask you anything and mostly you’ll find yourself sitting speechless.

The most irritating moment is when I walk out of the room and everyone is like, “What did he ask? Is he strict? What did you answer?” And infinite questions from infinite people. Even those to whom I never talk in class. When I get out of the “interrogation” room, I seem to forget most of what I answered inside. So I have to force my mind to remember everything that happened inside.

Few days ago, I had a viva and I went in with two of my friends. One had a Moto 360 smartwatch on his wrist so I asked him to record our whole viva session. Just as we went in, he turned on the recording. We performed good enough in front of the external taking the viva just to face a shock after coming out. My friend regrettably told us that his “smartwatch” had the capability to record just one minute of audio, and the rest of our ten minutes were not recorded at all. Huh, what a let-down.

Our initial plan was to play that recording if any of our irritating/pesky friends asked us what happened inside. But unfortunately, that couldn’t happen.


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