Society is a place where people will call you abnormal if you are not like them. That’s more like peer pressure, isn’t it?

Like, for example, people throw parties (on some occasions) which implies that everyone in the society has to. Which further implies that you too have to throw a party (for some occasion) even if you don’t want to.

Another example is that of birthdays. If you don’t celebrate it, you are abnormal. By celebrating, I mean giving a treat to all of your friends. Over the recent times, I’ve found a simple solution to it. Just don’t publicize your birthday. Don’t make it visible on social media and don’t tell anybody. No more party requests.

And what should I say about the party cliché. “Who doesn’t like partying?”, they say. “I would rather prefer a LAN party”, I say.

Is there anything you can add to the list?


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