Private Classes

“You don’t go to private classes? You are such a stupid person”, is what you’ll hear students here talk when they find someone that doesn’t go to private classes after school or college hours. The mentality of almost all the parents nowadays is that if their child doesn’t go to private classes, he/she can never excel in academics. Let alone excellence, they feel that their children will not be even able to pass the exams.

This thinking has led to the growth of many private classes organizations who earn a lot. Just for the sake of comparison, the average fees for a year in junior college is around ₹40,000 (for the field of science) whereas private ones demand above ₹90,000. And you have to go to both. Going to college just becomes a formality and most students just go for attendance. Knowing this, even the teachers don’t properly teach in colleges because they know that the students will go to classes nonetheless. There are some very popular classes who have earned so much that they have branches all across the nation and no one can say when they’ll start their own institute.

Over the past few years, I’ve observed the general behaviour of the students around me. And lots of times I’ve heard the sentence that I started this post with. The students come to school/college, sit for lectures, get attendance and then go to classes and learn the same thing that they would do in college. Students usually don’t pay attention during college lectures cause they know they’ll learn the same things in classes. Which they surely do, but at a huge cost to their parents who pay for it.

I didn’t go to any classes, so I used to get a lot of free time after school/college which I utilized in playing, reading, sleeping and sometimes studying. What I would to say to the students is that, pay attention during college hours so that you don’t need to waste your time and money in going to classes, then do whatever you want to do afterwards. What I would say to the parents is, don’t force your children into going to private classes thinking that they won’t pass in exams.

Finding someone who hasn’t gone to a private class ever is very rare. If you find someone like that, congratulate him/her for saving so much time and money and utilizing it somewhere that is worth it.


2 thoughts on “Private Classes

  1. What a load of nonsense. In Hong Kong, this is also the norm these days… which is very saddening.

    I used to get straight A’s without any help from private tutors. I had so much other things to do than to waste my time attending those tutorials.

    The real secret of getting high grades is hard work, patience and dedication. You also have to know how to motivate yourself. If you can’t do those things, then even having a private tutor won’t help you that much.

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