Why Is My Domain Name “turboblaze09”?

Actually, it was an accident. I had never intended to name my domain that but due to some “mistouching” and the super buggy Internet Explorer on my phone two and a half years ago this happened.

But after all, it’s been two and a half years since and I still blog despite that address. Because I think it is somewhat good. My original plan was to put my real name. The domain name my is actually my username. Following is actually what happened on that day:

I created a new WordPress account with the intention to blog (of course). That I did on my PC. I decided to just create an account and not a blog. The next day, I decided of starting this blog. I logged in on my phone’s Internet Explorer which was then on Windows Phone 8 (not even 8.1) and headed over to the blog creation page. It automatically filled the domain name entry with my username. The action happened then.

The page wasn’t fully loaded and I started scrolling to see what other options are available. But since it was Internet Explorer and not any cutting-edge browser, it interpreted my scroll as a tap. To my surprise, it was the create button on which my finger was resting. And the deed was done. The page sent the request and I knew that there was no cancelling it. It was too late.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Now you know why my domain has that annoying “09” attached to it. It is so hard to tell others my domain name since I have to always add that “09” and people usually tend to forget it.

P.S. A lot of days after the incident I thought I could have just created another blog with my desired domain name and just delete this one.


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