Photo Challenge: Ambience

Ambience has the power to uplift your mood. What have you photographed with exceptional ambience?

The photo is of a bank of a river which is quite far from the city. The surroundings are quiet and pollution-free, which make it an ideal spot to come, sit and just ponder. Or come with a group of friends and enjoy the serene atmosphere (which is what I did, and we also caught something).


Photo Challenge: Names

Humans love naming things — look around you, and I bet you’ll see dozens of names. This week, take a photo of one!

The man who gave us Marvel. Nuff said.

New Year, New Theme

Another year leaves
We go into a new year
May this one be great

Wish you all a happy new year!

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And to all a good …

A techie’s Christmas!


‘Twas the Thursday before Christmas

when all through the town,

not a hashtag was tweeting, even Twitter was down.

The stockings were hung in a retina display

in hopes that no drones would take them away.

The children were nestled, all snug and secure,

while Big Data mined their free FICO score.


The USB ports were all fully employed

as we began charging our Motorola Droid.

Our nice new Apple watch had a vast cache,

which would’ve been fine, but we had to pay cash.

Our Fitbit was running and Netflix were streaming,

young children everywhere were pleasantly dreaming

of toys and gifts that would become a new meme,

of toys and gifts that’d be the crème de la cream.


We Kickstarted and crowdsourced and sent out some vines,

We checked YouTube channels for any new signs.

We ran Kaspersky and cleaned the plasma screen,

we dialed up…

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How High Can You Count On Your Hand?

I can count till 576. How? Watch the video. (Spoiler: You can even count higher than 576)


If there is one thing an artificial intelligence (AI) doesn’t get, it’s sarcasm. I can understand that it’s very hard trying to make a computer understand our sarcasm. But when that happens, it would be fun to have a chat with whatever AI you have at hand.

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Goalkeepers Are Underrated

“Everyone starts their football carrier from the GK position”, said one of my friends when I told him that I liked doing goalkeeping rather than playing any other position. But don’t you think, they are underrating the value of a goalkeeper?

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On Mini Project

When we were told to develop a mini project, which was basically developing a website using either PHP or .NET, all my friends asked me to join their team. Because, I don’t know why, they consider me the ultimate programmer.

What I did was simple. I just said, “No!”. I talked it out with my class teacher and she told me that it was perfectly okay to develop alone, if that is what I wish for. So I went on to develop my site, hearing ditching statements from my friends all along.

But they don’t understand why I did so. To be honest, very few people in my class actually know how to program something. If I had agreed to join a team, what would have happened is, everybody else would leave the programing job to me and just sit back and enjoy. My not joining any team has lead them to actually learn programing by themselves and do the project. Programing is a thing that you learn when you do it. You cannot learn programing just by reading some book or watch a tutorial. Unless you don’t perform it, you don’t get the hang of it.

Now everybody is able to create a website. And I’m happy with what I’ve developed.


Google Pixel: Review

Review of the Google Pixel by MKBHD.

R.I.P. Nexus


Photo Challenge: Tiny

This week, appreciate the tiny things in life.

A tiny prawn fish that my friend caught at a river nearby. Rest assured, he let it free in the river again.

P.S. No fishes were harmed in the shooting of this photo. 😛