Private Classes

“You don’t go to private classes? You are such a stupid person”, is what you’ll hear students here talk when they find someone that doesn’t go to private classes after school or college hours. The mentality of almost all the parents nowadays is that if their child doesn’t go to private classes, he/she can never excel in academics. Let alone excellence, they feel that their children will not be even able to pass the exams.

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John has three apples; he gives two to his friend. Calculate the volume of the sun.

Baffled? That’s how unrelated our vivas can be. They can ask you anything and mostly you’ll find yourself sitting speechless.

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How High Can You Count On Your Hand?

I can count till 576. How? Watch the video. (Spoiler: You can even count higher than 576)

Relatable Post #2

When the lecturer says, “Anyone who’s not interested can leave the class right now!”

But you still can’t. 😓


Some great study tips

If you are a full time student (like me), then you would probably take too much stress about studies sometimes, especially during the examination days. This article from Timothy Badenach gave me some great study tips that I would like to share with everyone. Not only students, but also parents who want their children to reach greater heights.

The most common thing that students do is panic. It is the worst thing to panic and take stress. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and think calmly. Studying isn’t all about doing it in one day. It needs time. Not everyone’s brains work the same. Some need time, some understand and grasp quickly. We should know ourselves well and study accordingly.

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