Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

This week is all about color. For an extra challenge, create a gallery.

What can be more green than fresh and wet grass.

Drops on a leaf.
Drops on a leaf.

Or a leaf shining with rain drops on it.


Photo Challenge: Atop

This week, head to the top to take your best shot.

July 11 of 2016 was the first day of the new semester and we rarely attend the first day of college. But this time we did attend for a mere one hour and then went about trekking on a nearby hill. It was drizzling all the while and we all were coated in a mixture of drizzling water and our own sweat. I took this shot when we were finally atop the hill, resting and enjoying the scenes.


Photo Challenge: H2O

For this week’s challenge, share a photo that features H2O; the element of water.

There are clouds full of H2O and then there is the small lake down below.

My Trip to Bhimashankar

My trip to Bhimashankar was full of ups and downs. It didn’t, at all, go according to our plan.

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Photo Challenge: Opposites

This week, make two opposing elements come together (or clash in dissonance) in one photo.

Traffic during rush hour. Lots of vehicles on one side while none on the other. I took this photo in the morning. The opposite effect might happen during the evening hours.


Up Close

Photo Challenge – This week, discover the hidden details that can only be seen up close.

Drops on a leaf.

It’s monsoon time, so a close up of a leaf just after a rain shower.

Monsoon’s Teasing Us

July’s ending and still we haven’t got our proper dose of monsoon. Every year monsoon comes in full swing by July but this time it seems that it got lost somewhere in between. The weather is still like summer the only difference being that it’s more humid than summer. We always have humidity around 70-80% but it feels even more now.

What is happening now is that it rains in flashes. Not thunder flashes but five minutes of torrential rain and then total silence as if nothing happened. Seriously, what are you up to monsoon?

Maybe now people should realize how much pollution they are causing. Somewhere indirectly it is pollution that’s leading to all this climate change. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any monsoon in the coming decades.

To compliment this post, here’s a photograph of rain drops racing down my window.

Rain drops.
Rain drops racing down the window.

I wrote this draft last week but now it seems that the rains have actually started. It rains for long duration and the temperatures have gone down. But it can’t be said that it will continue to rain like this.

What about you, has monsoon reached your area?

Oh! The Rain

Oh! The rain. It comes when it should not and doesn’t come when it should. It is raining since the last 24 hours and there can’t be seen any sign of it stopping. Everybody are having their coffee enjoying the rain and here I am writing something. Whenever I look outside the pane of glass separating me from the inside and outside world, I only see the rain drizzling. Sometimes a light drizzle, sometimes a heavy thunderstorm.

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The Mumbai Monsoons

Mumbai local

Monsoon. The most awaited part of the summer season every year. The winter is not as important as the people here treat the monsoons. When it’s summer, the scorching heat almost kills the people here and you could hear everybody shouting, “When will the monsoon come?”

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