If there is one thing an artificial intelligence (AI) doesn’t get, it’s sarcasm. I can understand that it’s very hard trying to make a computer understand our sarcasm. But when that happens, it would be fun to have a chat with whatever AI you have at hand.

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Google Pixel: Review

Review of the Google Pixel by MKBHD.

R.I.P. Nexus


If you observe today’s teens you’ll see that most of them are always in a hurry. Hurry to reach their lectures on time, hurry to finish their work (and do it clumsily as a result), hurry to be everywhere. They have little or no moment of respite. They are always engaged in some or the other activity. Always doing a activity means you are productive, I agree with that, but sometimes you just have to sit back and relax.

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Pokemon Go!

Everywhere I go, I see people playing Pokémon Go.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

The Galaxy S7 is the latest flagship from Samsung. And it’s a bit thicker than its predecessor, the Galaxy S6. But it’s not always about the thinness of a phone. The thicker S7 provides you with a better battery, less camera hump and less chances of it slipping from your hand. Its 12 MP, f/1.7 camera is really mind-blowing.


Ultimate Camera Showdown!

The Nexus 6P, Galaxy S7, Lumia 950 and the iPhone 6s. Whose camera is the ultimate camera?

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Why Encryption Matters?

Encryption matters a lot when you have a lot of data on your devices and you simply don’t want to get robbed of it. Many people just neglect security, all they want is that their devices should work. Especially in India, people always have one response when asked about their smartphone’s security, “Who’s going to steal it? Don’t imagine things.” And the reality is that theives steal phones not because they want the data on it, but because they want the phone itself. The phone is more valuable than the data on it.

Since a few weeks, I’ve heard many reports of phones getting stolen in our college. And as a matter of fact, they were all high-end phones like, for example, the OnePlus One. And not even one phone has been found yet. *sigh*

WhatsApp newbie

I installed WhatsApp on my Windows phone two months ago due to the never ending requests by my friends for over a year. Last year when I started college I was the only one to not use WhatsApp. Despite all requests from my friends and classmates I resisted the idea of installing it. My perception of it was that it is a complete waste of time and internet.

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Smartphone Camera Quality: Explained!

As the (dumb) myth goes that the more the megapixels, the better the quality. That’s not the case though!

Best Games to Pass Time on Your Smartphone

Games are the best tool to pass time with when you have nothing else to do. And now that smartphones have all kinds of games, your mind can never be idle. As the saying goes,

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

So I have compiled a list of games that are best for you to pass time. Whether you are standing in a queue at your local supermarket, whether you are in a flight and have nothing else to do or if you are just bored and want to pass time, this list of games will keep you entertained. I have also included links to download the apps on your phone right away.
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