Photo Challenge: Shadow

This week, grab your camera and capture a shadow.

I clicked this photo while I was just clicking random pictures in the parking lot of the Ajanta Caves near Aurangabad, MH, India. I was clicking photos of trees, cars, hawkers when I saw my own shadow. So, here is it.


If you observe today’s teens you’ll see that most of them are always in a hurry. Hurry to reach their lectures on time, hurry to finish their work (and do it clumsily as a result), hurry to be everywhere. They have little or no moment of respite. They are always engaged in some or the other activity. Always doing a activity means you are productive, I agree with that, but sometimes you just have to sit back and relax.

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Photo Challenge: Edge

Photo Challenge – This week, let’s keep our angles sharp and heart rate fast.

Panorama taken at Marine Drive, Mumbai.

My Trip to Bhimashankar

My trip to Bhimashankar was full of ups and downs. It didn’t, at all, go according to our plan.

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Photo Challenge: Look Up

This week is all about taking a moment to check out what’s going on above you.

I clicked this picture while exiting the Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, a few kilometers away from Varanasi. This picture always reminds me of that sweltering day when it was 40° C, which was an abrupt transition of temperature for us since it was cool inside the plane and the airport.

The clouds created a random pattern which looked nice, pure white patches in the pure blue sky. And not to forget, the Indian flag, adding to the scene.


Google Earth

Google Earth (or Street) gives us the opportunity to see the world without traveling anywhere but we end up finding (and seeing) just our own house.

Don’t we?


Photo Challenge: Landscape

This week, it’s all about landscape photography. Show us your best establishing shot, out in nature or in an urban setting.

View from a hill station in Lonavla, Maharashtra.

A village resides beside this hill and there a lot of farms spread out over a large area. In rainy season, this place looks the greenest ever.


Photo Challenge: Half and Half

Photo Challenge – This week, share an image that has two clear halves, literally or figuratively.

Balaji Temple in Pune, Maharashtra, IN.

The entrance to the Balaji Temple in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It is one of the most symmetrical temples in India. They are extremely concerned about the cleanliness of the temple so they have fitted an automatic feet-washing mechanism at the entrance (water flows continuously and you just have to walk through it).

An Auto Rickshaw Ride

When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you? Tell us what happened!

In today’s world, kindness is rarely heard of. And in a metropolitan city like Mumbai with everyone as strangers it is much more rare. People rarely do anything except their work and partying with friends.

The most kind thing a stranger will do to you is tell directions to a specific place if you don’t know. But after all it is Mumbai, sometimes people have fun telling you the wrong directions and you end up at a completely different place.

I remember one day when an auto rickshaw driver did me a favour. While returning from college, I was walking from the bus stop to my house. The walk is approximately 2 km and has a bridge to cross. As soon as I start walking from the bus stop, the bridge starts. I ascended the bridge in 2 minutes and was walking along the top flat part of the bridge when an auto rickshaw stopped beside me and told me to get in. My first thought was, “Is he kidnapping me a little too politely?”

Then he continued, “I’ll drop you at the bottom of the bridge.”

“Okay”, I said and boarded. In less than 30 seconds we reached the bottom. I alighted, said “Thank you” and we both headed our own ways.

This is the only favour I remember.

Power Cuts

The power goes off
Fingers fumbling for matches
Lost in the darkness

I’m on a holiday out at my relatives’ place (1500 kilometres away from my home) now and don’t have enough resources to post on WordPress. The internet connectivity in this part of India is unreliable. But on top of all of it, the most irritating thing is the load shedding. The electricity goes off anytime and comes in not less than three hours (just think how bored I get in that time).

The internet plan on my phone is limited so I have to use it conservatively. So I won’t post or even read if my data limit ends. I’ll be lost in the darkness. If you know what I mean.