Why Is My Domain Name “turboblaze09”?

Actually, it was an accident. I had never intended to name my domain that but due to some “mistouching” and the super buggy Internet Explorer on my phone two and a half years ago this happened.

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If I Wasn’t a Blogger

If I wasn’t a blogger, I would have been a social media user. Before I discovered WordPress I used Facebook and Twitter. But those weren’t very interesting because you only get to communicate within your circles. And they sell your personal profiles to advertising companies to make revenue for themselves (and the advertising companies). From what I have read, at least Facebook does.

If I wasn’t a blogger, I would have been a full-time programmer. I read various programming eBooks when I feel like studying something new. I read different books related to web design and development like jQuery and AngularJS. Now since I blog, much of the time I’m on WordPress, either reading others’ posts or writing something.

If I wasn’t a blogger, I would have never understood how a large Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress worked. From the programmer point of view, it was necessary.

If I wasn’t a blogger, I would never have met friends like you.

Reading and writing files in VB.NET

Some years ago, I developed a word processor application in VB.NET that I myself used for some time as a replacement to the popular notepad. The most important part of the application was developing an ability to read and write files from the hard disk. After a lot of researching, I found out two classes buried in the System.IO namespace that do just that thing. And they are called StreamReader and StreamWriter. So in this post I’m going to give a short tutorial on how to read and write files to the hard disk.

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